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 The organization of Croatian Pest Control Association

- Who we are? -

     Republic of Croatia has a long tradition in the field of professional pest control implemented by the organized associations. The first Association “PZ EKOSAN” was active in the period from 1982 to 1991. “PZ EKOSAN” had 15 members from the republics of former Yugoslavia, of which 9 members were from Croatia. “PZ EKOSAN” activities had been reflected in the organization of professional and educational seminars, publishing newsletters, publications, etc.

     The inaugural session of the Croatian Pest Control companies, under the auspices of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, was held on 9th May, 1997, and the Group for the disinfection, disinsection and deratization – DDD was established. KORUNIĆ d.o.o., company from City Zagreb was responsible to lead secretarial and administrative - organizational affairs of the Group.

     After seven years of the activities of the Group for the disinfection, disinsection and deratization – DDD, because of the new Regulations, under the auspices of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, as well, the Croatian Pest Control Association was founded.

     Croatian Pest Control Association as a legal Association entity was registered at the Zagreb city administration office of the enrolment under registration number 21003310, on 27th January, 2004th, headquartered in Zagreb. Medovićeva 12, Croatia, acting on the Croatian territory.

     The main reason for establishing Croatian Pest Control Association is to encourage interdisciplinary activities in DDD in the fields of public health and community hygiene, veterinary and protection of stored agricultural products, improve the profession, to have a certain impact on the creation of legislation, cooperation with experts and a state inspection and other activities listed in Article 8. Constitution of the Association.

     At the inaugural meeting, held on 28th November 2003rd the Statute of Croatian Pest Control Association was adopted. The Statute is prepared in the agreement with the existing legislation. The Presidency of the Association was elected at this meeting, as well.

     Statute of the Association determines the name and address of the Association, the form and content of work, advocacy, activities to achieve the objectives, the internal structure of the Association, connection with similar organizations at home and abroad, the rights and duties of members of the Association and other provisions in accordance with the legislation.

     The aim of the Association is to support the development and improvement of DDD activities. In order to achieve the objectives, the Association performs the following activities:

  • the impact on the relevant institutions for encouraging interdisciplinary
  • the impact on the relevant institutions to accept the active participation of member of Association in drafting legislation
  • participation in the development of professional studies
  • organizing lectures, seminars, training sessions, etc. in the field of DDD activities
  • facilitate the exchange of technical information and novelties from the profession
  • cooperation and association with similar associations in the country and abroad.

     According to the Statute, there are several types of the members (listed with contact phone number on the first webpage of Croatian Pest Control Association

  • Regular members (on Croatian language – REDOVNA ČLANICA) - legal persons and medical institutions conducting DDD measures, which have the right to choose the members of the Board of Directors

  • Associate Members (on Croatian language – PRIDRUŽENA ČLANICA) - medical institutions in accordance with the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases conduct the supervision over the implementation of DDD measures. Associate members are also representatives, distributors and manufacturers of pesticides.

  • Honorary members who are also members of the Advisory Board of the Association, or persons who significantly contribute to the advancement of the profession.

     In accordance with the Articles of the Statute of the Association, all members of the Association receive a certificate of membership. The certificate is issued in accordance with Public Procurement Act, proving the membership in professional associations or registration as a necessary condition for the pursuit of the acquisition.

     Members of Croatian Pest Control Association sign Standards of Conduct - Code of Ethics, which is bound to respect the standards and measures to implement DDD in agreement with professional rules.

     For performers of DDD measures in the Member Associations laminated identification cards are made with necessary information about the performer (name, identity card number, picture) and the name and address of the member of the Association. On the back of identification cards there are: Reg. numbers, class and date of issue of authorization (license) of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and /or the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry - Veterinary Directorate and/or the Ministry of Agriculture, depending on which areas (public health, veterinary or plant protection) is a member of the Association authorized to perform DDD measures.

     The appearance of the certificate of membership in the Association and identification cards for performers of DDD measures in the Member Association is determined with Regulations on the format certificate of membership in the Association and the Regulations on identification cards for performers of DDD measures in the member of the association.

     Regular members of the Croatian Association for DDD may be all health institutions, legal and natural persons conducting DDD measures solely in accordance with the rules of pest control and comply with the requirements of Article 9. Item 1. and Article 17. of Statute.

     In cooperation with Ministry of Health, on webpage, there is a list of all legal and natural persons with “The decision on eligibility for carrying out obligatory disinfection, disinsection and deratization, as well, as measures for prevention and control of infectious diseases of the population with regard to employees, premises and technical equipment" issued by Ministry of Health.

     On webpage there are the names of all legal and natural persons with "The decision on the fulfillment of the requirements for conducting disinfection, disinsection and deratization to control the infectious animal diseases and zoonosis, a description of the protection of the safety of animal products and animal feed and veterinary care of the environment against the contamination by pathogenic microorganisms with regard to professional staff, premises and equipment" issued by Ministry of Agriculture – Veterinary Department.

     On webpage there are the names of all legal and natural persons with "The decision on registration in the Register of legal entities and individuals engaged in the control and eradication of harmful organisms applying pesticides in agriculture and forestry" issued by Ministry of Agriculture.

     Pest control in Republic Croatia is regulated as public health activity in Public Health/Communal Hygiene and Veterinary field. Pest control is also operated in Agriculture and Forestry fields as measure of eradication of harmful organisms and plant protection.

Education, professional seminars in the field of DDD and ZUPP

     The Republic of Croatia also has a long tradition of implementing continuing education by organizing seminars and specialized training.

     The first seminar on the protection of stored products (ZUPP) organized by the Institute of Zoology, Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, was held early 70s of the last century. Seminars at the end of the 80s of the last century took over “PZ EKOSAN (DDD association of companies in the former Yugoslavia), and thereafter the company AGROKONTROLA Zagreb.

     Continuing a long tradition of organizing seminars on "DDD and ZUPP", in the year 1991 the company KORUNIĆ d.o.o. Zagreb began with the organization of seminars “Protection of stored products (ZUPP), and Pest control (DDD) and since then seminars "DDD" and "ZUPP" were held alternately. In 2000, both Seminars were joint and since then every year were held under the name "DDD and ZUPP". The company KORUNIĆ doo Zagreb regularly publishes the Proceedings of “DDD and ZUPP" seminars with published papers and abstracts of papers in English. Since 2004th the abstracts of papers in English from the Proceedings of the seminars are published in the CAB Abstracts databases, and since 2009th, the full texts of the Proceedings are published in CABI Full Text databases. From 1991st to this day the company KORUNIĆ d.o.o. Zagreb has published more than 100 publications on the subject of DDD and ZUPP activity (more on

     The main purpose of the annual "DDD and ZUPP" seminar is in in gathering experts from practice, science, education, government and the inspection services in order to exchange knowledge and experiences about the new DDD and ZUPP activities and promotion of the profession in the field of public health, veterinary, plant protection in order to protect the health and life of humans and animals, food safety and the environment. The presence of a large number of experts from various fields (physicians, epidemiologists, biologists, veterinarians, agronomists, chemists, toxicologists, sanitation workers profession, environmentalists, etc.) in the field of public health, veterinary and the protection of stored agricultural products, confirms interdisciplinary activities in the implementation of DDD measures.

     Among other seminars or courses which treat some DDD topics and handling biocides and pesticides there are: DDD veterinary seminars organized by the Croatian Veterinary Chamber, which used to be held every three years, courses in applied DDD organized by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – annually; continuing Education in toxicology organized by the Croatian Institute for Toxicology and Antidoping - obligations every 5 years; seminars of the Association for Sanitary Engineering from Rijeka and Zagreb - several professional topics in various fields during the year; seminars of epidemiologists - annually; congresses of biologists - every three years; seminars of sanitary inspectors - annually; seminars of veterinary inspectors - annually; seminars plant protection - once a year, etc.

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